History has always been one of my favorite subjects and several years ago I became interested in genealogy. I was born and grew up in Union County in southern Illinois, knowing only that my great grandparents had pioneered to that area from North Carolina, We also knew that back of the North Carolina sojourn, the Corzines had come from Pennsylvania, and now we can add Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Holland and France.


My aim in writing the following history is to acquaint my descendants with their ancestry, and to make certain that those who have gone before will not be forgotten.


First, I recorded the names of all the immediate family living in Union County, Illinois, and grandparents and great-grandparents who were the pioneers. This part was easy as there were many living relatives to assist me.


Next, in 1945 I made my first visit to North Carolina, visiting Salisbury, Rowari County; Concord, Cabarrus County and Charlotte in Mecklenburg County. In the years that followed I made many more trips to that state, also searching early Mecklenburg County records in the State Department of Archives and History in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have also searched the historical records in the Hall of Records in Annapolis, Maryland.


Many genealogists and interested persons have helped me gather data on the family, to whom I desire to give credit as I proceed. My wish is to record the information I have compiled in an interesting, readable manner, as well as to establish the source and proof of statements.


I have cleared and verified the Corzine generations back to John Cursine and wife Deborah, parents of John, Nicholis and George who were born in Cecil County, Maryland in 1736, 1734 and 1738, respectively.


I learned about the Corzines’ early years in America from Miss Belle Corzine of Columbus, Indiana4 and from Mrs. Lil Barber of St. Louis, Missouri, who have been working on the family history since 1929, aided by a friend in The Huguenot Society of America. They have very generously shared their information with me, and I feel most fortunate since their data covers three centuries and could very well take a lifetime to accumulate.


I will begin with the earliest date and record the information I have secured. The history from Staten Island to Pennsylvania, then to Maryland, is entirely on the family as a whole as I have no definite proof connecting one generation to another until Maryland. However, it is most interesting to follow the different spellings of the name and its final arrival at our present spelling, “CORZINE”, and noting that the pronunciation has changed little over the years.


From Maryland to North Carolina and then to Union County, Illinois, there is definite proof of each generation which will be included, in this narrative.


I hope my efforts will interest and bring pleasure to my contemporaries and descendants.

June, 1963                                                                                           Lola Corzine Berkstresser




Different spellings of the name were:      Cosyns, Corsyn, Couine, Coueyn, Cozin, Cosynsen, DeCosynes, Corsen, Cozine, Cozzine, Crozine, and Corzine.


Regarding the pronunciation of the name, it seems strange that after all the various spellings, the name is still pronounced in some areas as originally spelled that is “Cosyns” - y pronounced as long 1. The name as we pronounce it today, and as it has been pronounced for hundreds of years, does not jibe with rules (generally) of the English language. We know the family came to America with the Dutch colonists and from famine Selyns Records (Dutch author) one gets very definite clues. The letter y, when it has two dots over it, takes the sound of i. Example: wyfe for wife. Even now, in southern Illinois the name is pronounced with a silent r and long i, as “Cosyn”.


On the Coat of Arms the name is spelled “COSYNS” from P.dUtrecht, the province which is north of the Rhine River in southern Holland (Reitstap Armorial General, Vol. 2, Plate CXXXV, New York Public Library). Before Holland, some believe the name came from the Basque country in the Pyrenoes Provinces of southern Trance.


There are two coats of arms listed, one for “COSYNS” and the other for “COURSON”. They could be two branches of the same family and are spoken of by some genealogists as interchangeable. However, the Staten Island Historical Society declares they are two separate families, There is also a shield for the name “COURSQN”, of Brittany, in the same book. It must be remembered that these people were French, probably could not speak English at all until they made their home in America. They intermarried with the Dutch (as indicated by the spelling of the women’s names) so it is quite understandable that, with French, Dutch and English, their names acquired many different spellings.


From “History of the Low Dutch Colony of Conewago”, written by the Reverend J. K. Damarest, “The people of Holland brought with them to America the Reformed Dutch Church, which had nurtured them and which had undergone fierce persecution in the home land. Not only Hollanders came to America in this noble communion, but with them joined a large number of Frenchmen, Holland in the latter half of the seventeenth century offered the most open asylum on the continent of Europe for the persecuted, and for that reason, and also because it was ‘near to flee to’, Huguenots from all parts of France sought its shelter.” ‘Then they came to America they were still sheltered by the Dutch, especially the Dutch Reform Church. It must be remembered they were truly trying to get lost, making our attempt to reconstruct the family a very difficult one.


I will list information chronologically as found in the records of the Old Dutch Church of Staten Island and “Now York before the Revolution”, as well as “Valentine’s Manual 1862”. The baptisms are from Dutch Church records. Spelling is as on the record.


Tradition says the founder of the family in America was Peter Coursen(l), a soldier who came to New Aiasterdam, or New Netherlands (now New York) in 1612, which was one year after the Dutch colonization, He was the father of Cornelius(2), who married Tryntje Hendricks. Their son Cornelius(3) was twelve years old when his father died. Tryntje remarried and moved to Brooklyn. From “Annals of Staten Island” by J. J. Clute.


Cornelius(3),, born 1645, baptized in Dutch Reform Church, married Martje Van Der Griff March 11, 1666; died before 1693, when his will was probated. He was made Captain of Militia on Staten Island by the English government in 1689. This couple had six children? Cornelius(4), Jacob, Benjamin, Christian, Catherine and Cornelia. These names are all from records of The Old Dutch Re-formed Church and the name is spelled


Cornelius(4) was father of Cornelue(5), who died in 1755, also according to Dutch Church records.


* * * *


Garrit Cosyns married Vrowtie Cozyns about 1638. Their children were: Garrit, baptized May 20, 1640; Margaret, baptized May 5, 1641; and Geertije, baptized July 4, 1649.


Garrit Cosyns married Bolytje Jacobs October 25, 1673. Their children were: Cosyntje, baptized July 29, 1677; Vronevtje, baptized May 6, 1682; Garritje, baptized September 28, 1684; and Jacob, baptized April 5, 1696.


From “Ho1land Society Records”, Nercantile Library, New York, Garrit Dircksen Corsen from Wynshoort married Neeltje Jans October 30, 1661, and moved to Staten Island.


From Bergen’s “Early Settlers Kings County”, John Corson in 1688 had a brother Peter and Sons Cornelius and Hendrick, all living at Gravesend (flow Sheepshead Bay).


According to a letter from Win. H. Cozine, Long Island, New York, Cornelis Cosyns married Deborrah Sperry. This Cornelis lived in Bloomingdale and died January 4, 1765 (verified by letter from Win. H. Cozine as his ancestor). Their son Balaam Johnson Cozine married Catherine Dyckman April 26, 1760. (Here is an indication of a change of spelling.)


* * * *


According to Miss Ida Dale, who was historian for the Huguenot Society of America, there is an old homestead built by the Cozzine family, 40 Watchogne Road, Staten Island. It was built about 1730 and was willed by Garrit Cozzine to his two sons William and James, in equal portions, even dividing the house. Originally there were one hundred fifty acres of land with the house, The house is still in use today (1960) but has been covered with stucco and has lost its historical value and beauty.


From “Annals of Staten Island” by J. J. Clute, there is mentioned a book which contains a plan or key to seating and pew rents in the Christian Low Dutch Church on Staten Island, made September 30, 1751 by Daniel Corsen. (Daniel Corsen, baptized in 1714, was County Clerk in 1739, Staten Island.) It lists the following names:


            Corsen: Jacob, Cornelius, Elizabeth and Antje

Crosaens: Henrik, Cornelius, Helena1 Cornelia and Garrit

Kroeesen: Garrit


There is also a list of civil and military officers:


Ely Crossen, High Sheriff

Cornelius Corsen, Justice

Cornelis Corsen, Captain, commissioned by the English government in 1689


1700 - Marriages from Dutch Church in 1New York before the Revolution” and “Valentine’s l4anual 1862”:


Cousyn, Those             married Antje Broniver Sept. 9, 1715

Cousyn, Garrit                               "                  Margarita Johnson Sept. 9, 1727

Cousyn, Gerard                             "                  Tryntje Heier June 18, 1739

Cousyn, John                                 "                  Christiana Shelton (widow) May 15,1748

Cousyn, Gerrit                               "                  Jannetje Dyckman July 7, 1749

Cozin, Balm Johnson                     "                  Catherine Dykman April 26, 1760

Cousyn, William                            "                  Elizabeth Mullin June 23, 1761

Cousyn, Garrit(widower)               "                  Elizabeth Muller (widow) Dec. 29, 1765

Cosine, 7alter                                "                  Elizabeth Elsworth May 3, 1765

Cosine, John                                  "                  Margaret Roseweld July 16, 1775


From Valentine’s Manual 1863”, page 574:


Cosyns, Garrit                          married Bolytje Jacobs Oct, 25, 1673

Cosyntze, Jacobus                         "                  Antje Otina.k    Feb. 2, 1707

Cosyns, Cornelius                          "                  Anna Damy Persie        Nov. 16, 1717

Cosyns, Gerrit                               "                  Elsje Sipkins     Nov. 15, 1744

Corsen, Cornelius                          "                  Jannetka Van Buskirk Sept. 23, 1738


From Valentine’s Manuals” by David T. Valentine in Hall of Records: “Abraham Bartling Cozzens, son of William Cozzens, was half owner of Tavern or Long Room on Nassau Streets New York.”


From “History of Staten Island and Its People” by Dairs & Leng: R.ratio Gates Cozzens of Woodatock Avenue, New Brighten, Staten Island, is listed as follows: “Horatio was son of Frederick Stevens Cozzens, Jr. who was a marine painter of wide reputation. He had eleven children and lived on slope of Grymes Hill, Staten Island. His grandfather F. S. Cozzens, Sr. was 'an internationally known author’. He wrote ‘Arcadia’ and ‘A Month Among the Blue Noses’.”


Baptisms from Dutch Church in “New York before the Revolution”:


Parents                                                 Child

Cornelius Corzen

Janetje Boskirk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Pteter, baptized August 13, 1725


Garritt Cozyn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Maria, baptized September 1, 1745

Elsje Sipkins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Cathrina, baptized April 29, 1750


Garrit Cozyn

Jannetje Dyckman. . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Anneka, baptized November 26, 1752


Garrit Cozine

Jane Van Alst . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     William Ellsworth, baptized March 1, 1787


John DeCosynes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     John, baptized January 25, 1679





From the New York Public Library, Bergen’s “Early Settlers of King’s County, New York”, ”Valentine’s Manuals”, “List of Staten Island Huguenots”, Holland Society of New York Records about Low Dutch Congregations, and many other sources, we learn there were Cosyns, Cousins, Corayn, Cosine, Corsine, Corsen and Corzines in both Bergen and Somerset Counties in New Jersey, as well as on Staten Island, Long Island and Brooklyn.


From Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol. 8, Reaclington Church, are the following baptisms:


Corzine, Cornelius and Sarah Wyckoff, parents of Mary Elizabeth, born August 28, l828j Henry Wyckoff, born May 12, 1830 and John Decker, born November 20, 1836.


Note the name here is a spelled “Corzine”.


From "First Settlers of Piscataway & Woodbridge, New Jersey” by Orra Eugene Monnette from an old Huguenot family:


Names listed:    Couzzens, Couzena, Couzine, Cousins


Bernard Cozzens married Grace Sanford

Andrea Cousin, Essex County, N. J. May 10, 1723, early settler

ThomasCousina, listed as head of family living near Maidenhead 1722, from an old account book of John Johnson’s store.


From transcript of record of school of the Collegiate Dutch Church:


Child                                        Admitted                      Age                  Parent


Mary, born 1797                      July 9, 1837                 10                    Garrit Cosyns

Garrit, born 1797                     July 9, 1837                 10                    Garrit Cosyns

George, born 1799                   July 29,1807                8                      Garrit Cosyns


From Department of Education, State House Annex, Trenton, New Jersey: There are two Cozens in the New Jersey Revolutionary War Records, John and Samuel.


According to Dorothy Agans, The Genealogical Society of New Jersey, “The published list of baptisms of the Dutch Reformed Church of Raritan” and the “Readington Dutch Reformed Church”, both found in the Somerset County Historical Quarterlies; there are several CORZINE baptisms. Namely, a family of Cornelius, and one of Peter. These date back to the 1750’s and 1760’s. Also listed in the Historical Quarter-lies is a list of baptisms from the Connewago Colony which mentions the name Corzine, as well as a pastor of this Colony, a Rev. Cornelius Corzine who was born on Long Island.”


This seems to be the earliest definite CORZINE spelling (is New Jersey).


* * * *




In “Memorials of the Huguenots” by Reverend A. Stapleton from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1901, page 130, 131, the following appears concerning the Conewago Colony:


“On the head waters of the Conewago Creek, in the eastern limits of Adams County, (formerly York County) a considerable number of Huguenots located at an early day. Because many of their names do not appear on the lists as foreign emigrants, it is a fair presumption that they came here from an older colony. Soon after 1760 a urge number of French and a few Dutch families removed hither from Shrallenburg, in Bergen County, New Jersey. Their settlement was confined to a locality now in the townships of Straben and Berwick in Adams County. They were rigid adherents of the Dutch Reformed faith and built a church on the Conewago about two miles east of the present village of Hunterstown. About 1781 many of them concluded to attempt another colonial experiment by securing a large body of land in Shelby County, Kentucky4 To this new center over a hundred, of all ages, removed before the close of the century. In 1793 another colony of nine families left the Conewago settlement and located at Owcwco Lake, in Cayuga County, New York. To such an extent was the Conewago Colony reduced by removals and defections that the maintenance of a distinctive congregation of their faith, (The Dutch Reformed) became impractical and in 1817 they petitioned the Legislature for permission to sell their church, which was granted.”


Reverend Damarest in “The History of the Low Dutch Colony of Conewago” states:


“In 1772 the Reverend Cornelius Corzine, a minister born on Long Island and who perhaps preached in Somerset County, New Jersey, was called to the Conewago Church, where he remained for sixteen years, or until 1788. The church was built in 1768 or 69. In 1769 the records begin. Cornelius and John Corzine are listed among the members of the colony who in the spring of 1780 moved to Kentucky.* After the death of Rev. Cornelius Corzine, his widow married David S. Damarest of Hackensack, New Jersey, ancestor of Rev. J. K. Damarest, writer of the history.”


*This Cornelius Was not the Rev. Cornelius, In fact there were so many named Cornelius, it must have been their most popular name and might be a clue as to the name to look for in French records.


The York Historical Society says the old church is gone, but there are two “Low Dutch” burial grounds and a road called the “Low Dutch Road”, reminders of the Low Dutch Colony once resident a few miles east of Hunterstown, York County, (Adams County since 1800), in the vicinity of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


The York Historical Society advises that Cornelius, Garrett, John and Peter Corzine, sometimes spelled Cozine, Cosyn, Corsine and Cosin, are listed among the tabulated known “Conewago Families”, according to male parents of the Conewago Colony, which migrated in pro-revolutionary days (1765 to 1775) from Somerset and Bergen Counties, New Jersey. Land and mortuary records list colonists of French ex-traction as follows:


Peter Cosine, died aged in 1779, leaving sons Cornelius, Markimus, and Peter;

Cornelius Cozine died in 1788 leaving a number of married children.


In November 1956 I visited York County Court House and found the will of Peter Cousine, dated June 29, 1779, Will Book AC(1749-1940), naming wife Williamfe and four children, Elizabeth, Cornelius, Peter and Markins.


It is recorded in New Jersey, Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Vol. IV, page 268, that there were Corzines from the Conewago Colony who later removed to Pleaeureville, Kentucky.


The 1790 census (first census record taken) of York County, Pennsylvania, lists the following:


John Corzine, page 287    -       1 male over 16

2 males under 16

2 females


MARYLAND - Cecil County


The following is from Mrs. Mayer of Berkeley, California., given to her by Jack Mahool, Jr. of Baltimore, Maryland, a descendant of Peter Cousine(6), Pieter(5), Rev. Cornelius(4), Jacob(3), Garret(2), Cosyn G.(l):




Hall of Records, Annapolis7 Maryland


Abstract of will of John Cousine of Elk River, Cecil County, Maryland: “To my son Richard, the one (noiety?) or 1/2 the land bought of Peter Clauson. To my son George, all the rest of the land.” Dated 1707, probated 1709.


“August 12, 1710 - The estate of George Cassine was inventoried and valued at 31 pounds —81 -2d”


“June 23, 1716, was inventoried the account of Nathaniel Philips, who intermarried with Elizabeth Cousyn, the widow of John Cougyn, deceased in Cecil County, Md.”


From Parish Register of St. Stephens Church (Episcopal) Cecil County:


“George Cozine and Ann Johnson were married the 30th day of January, 1696 by Rev. William Dare.”


From Maryland Historical Magazine Vol. 6, page 50, 1911:


“Colonial Militia 1740, 1748, Cecil County, Maryland. Foot Company under the command of Capt. Peter Bayard---George Cozine”


From Parish Register of St. Mwy Ann’s Church (Episcopal) Cecil County:


“August 11, 1728--Then was married Guilbert Guilder to Elizabeth Casine.”


“Edward (G)azine buried July 14, 1728”


“Then was married Jacob VanPool to Amy Cazine

Issue...Jacob VanPool born September 11, 1729

John Vanpool born January 16, 1731

Peter Vanpool born July 3, 1734”


“August 10, 1733 — Then was born George Cazine”


“September 22, 1734 - Then was born NICHOLlS CURSINE, son of JOHN CURSINE and DEBORAH, his wife.”


“July 12, 1736 - Then was born JOHN CURSINE, son of JOHN CURSINE and DEBORAH, his wife.”


"   -     -      1738 - Then was born GEORGE CURSINE, eon of same.”


From “Maryland Records” by Brwnbaugh, Book II:


Early Maryland Naturalizations - John Corsins, 1683 Ch. 1.


From Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland, Will folio 185 Lib. 22:


Edward Corsine wills his sister Amy Von Fool all his personal estate, two hundred acres of land, and all his writings. Signed July 3, 1730, probated 1740.




Records of Holy Trinity Church (Old Swedes) Wilmington, Delaware:


Page 304    -    “Cursine, Nicholaus to Rebecca Bird,

married April 5, 1727”

            Page 396    -    “Corsine, Niclas to Magdalena Senecks,

married April 1746”


Page 552    -    “child Sarah born Oct. 30, 1749,

parents Neclas and Magdelana (Sledham) Curseng”


These Delaware Cursines were probably relatives of the Maryland family as they were only a few miles away, even though it was across the state line.


* * * *


The Maryland Records fill in the generation which I have been searching for a long time. Knowing that John, Nicholas and George of North Carolina were closely associated with each other and that Nicholas and George were brothers, for many years I have been trying to learn where they were prior to North Carolina. Now I feel they were without a doubt the three sons born to John and Deborah Cursine in Cecil County, Maryland. The names, dates and relationships all agree, and henceforth in this record I shall consider John and Deborah as the founders of our Corzine line.


* * * *


NORTH CAROLINA - Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Rowan Counties


For a bit of history which has helped in placing the Corzines, from 1763 to 1792 Cabarrus County was a part of Mecklenburg County. But in 1792 Cabarrus was made into a separate county and the revolutionary history is therefore included with Mecklenburg as a part of the Salisbury District. In establishing the permanent state line, a part of Mecklen burg County was also given to South Carolina. The early records show that in 1775 all of Mecklenburg County had a population of five thousand free whites, three thousand s1aves and nine hundred-seventy free blacks.


According to Miss Eugenia W. Lore, a genealogist at Concord, North Carolina, the Corzine family was quite numerous. At one time there was a family graveyard just south of Concord, but it has now been destroyed and no trace of it remains. She also states the Corzines married into the Scotch-Irish families at an early date.


I have been aided by Miss Lore of Concord, and Nra. Quiney J. Scott of Cleveland, North Carolina, now deceased. They were both recognized genealogists and did research for me both in the Court House in Salisbury in Rowan County and in Cabarrus County. More recently Mrs. Edith W. Huggins, Raleigh, North Carolina, has done research for Mrs. Lii Barber and Belle Corzine. The information which they passed on to me is included in this record. The following is a true and :correct statement of facts gathered through this research. I have copies of wills and deeds for lands from the different counties which prove each relationship.


I will begin with the earliest recorded date in connection with the name of Corzine in North Carolina. It is the marriage record of George Crozine and Leah Shinn in 1758. The next date is 1759, the date Nicholas and John Cozine appear on the tax record. Next is 1769, which is the date of a will made by Nicholaus Corzine, of which I have a photostatic copy. (Mecklenburg County Wills, 1749 to 1869, Vol. IV, p.88)


The census records furnished me by Mrs. Barber have been most helpful. They cover Mecklenburg County 1799; Cabarrus County 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 and 1840; also census records from Union County, Illinois for 1840 and 1850.


There are two Revolutionary soldiers listed in Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina published by Daughters of American Revolution in 1932:


            Page 332    -     Nicholas Crozine No. 628, Continental Soldier, Salisbury District


            Page 329    -     George Corzine No. 1337 Militia from Salisbury District


            Page 147    -     Land grant #99 for Nicholas Corzine, Cabarrus County, dated May 23, 1794 (Would be for Nicholas, Jr.)


                              -     Land grant #346, dated August 15, 1800, for Samuel Corzine. (East side of Irish Buffalo Creek)


                              -     Land grant #631, dated February 13, 1829, issued to Andrew Corzine.


The second document of importance is the will of John Coraine, dated February 4, 1776, found in Mecklenburg County Wills, 1749-1869, Vol. IV, p. 87. It establishes his family as follows: Wife Mary (I learned her name was Mary from records of a public sale which are stored in a box in the Archives at Raleigh; her signature is on receipted bills for items sold.); two sons, George and Samuel; also seven daughters and a son named William who is spoken of as though he were dead. His will disposes of a plantation of three hundred-thirty acres with improvements and some undeeded land, as well as horses, saddles, slaves and clothing.


The will of Nicolaus, dated February 10, 1769 (same book as above, p. 88), establishes his family as follows: Wife Mary; eons Levi, Nicholas and Isaac Lofton. His will is signed by Nicolaus Corzin., Mary Corzine and Isaac Lofton; witnessed by John Corzine, George Corzine and Chrietofer Walbar. In his will he also mentions George as his brother.


The family of George Crozine is established by the book, “The Shinn Family”, by Josiah H. Shinn, previously mentioned. His wife Leah was born in 1741 in New Jersey; their children: Rachel, Abel, Levi, George, Lydia and Abigail. (The Shinn family came to America in 1678, and to North Carolina, by way of New Jersey, from Pennsylvania.




The family of Samuel(3),John(2) John(l), is established by Court of Sessions record and by land deed, and verified by 1800 census as:


            1 male under 10 years               3 females under 10 years

            1 male over 10 years                1 female l0-16

            1 male 26-45                            1 female 26-45


The eons were Samuel, Jr. and Andrew as verified by the following:


“COURT OF SESSIONS record from Cabarrus County, October 16, 1838, book 14, p. 117. A deed from Samuel Corzine for 98½ acres of land to Daniel Coleman of Washington Co., D.C. says, being the whole land divided to the said Samuel Corzine, Sr. by Samuel Corzine Sr. Dec'd. except that part of land surveyed off between the beginning corner and the B.O. in the division line between Andrew and Samuel Corzine as above described.” Book No. 5, p. 59.


This document proves Samuel and Andrew were brothers, and sons of Samuel, Sr. However, there is even more proof in another record; a deed signed by Andrew Corzine deeding land to Samuel Corzine, Jr., taken from Deed Book 13, p. 380, Register of Deeds Office1 Cabarrus County, dated August 17, 1841. First there is a description of the land which ends thusly:


“containing 98½ acres be it the same more or less, being the south end of my father Samuel Corzine’s (dec’d) plantation.”


The will of Samuel Corzine, Sr. is not in existence today, evidently destroyed by fire when the court house burned in 1874, according to Miss Lore of Cuncord, North Caro1ina.


* * * *



Levi(3), Nicholaus(2) John(1), married Lydia Shinn January 19, 1786. There is a land grant in his name File #357, 100 acres, East side Nobodys Creek.


Nicholas(3), Nicholaus(2) John(l), family is established by will dated 1820. His wife Mary and their children were Jeffrey, Wilson and Moses, also George. Wilson’s wife was Nancy born in Tennessee; they pioneered to Illinois. Moses, 1820 census, had two boys and three girls listed; bought Negro in 1827.


Levi(3), George(2) John(l), according to will dated 1825, married Prudence Shinn October 20, 1801. Their children were Race, Abel, Richard Ferman, Sally and Ruanna. Abel sold land in 1811; married Polly Klutts February 14, 1814. Richard Ferman 1811-1871, wife Ruannah 1803-1870, from cemetery record.


Noah(3), George(2) John(l), married Jean Russell September 21, 1810; bought land August 29, 1821 and, according to will dated 1853, had the following children: John R. who married Betsy Madans August 5, 1832 (Andrew Corzine, witness). David W. married Katheryn Barnhart December 31, 1840. Daughters were Mary Ann and Nellie. George W. married Clarissa Johnson January 14, 1854, and James O. married I. A. Watho January 27, 1856.


Samuel(4), Samuel(3) John(2) John(1), born about 1805, married Margaret Ferguson May 7, 1828. He is listed on the Union County, Illinois, census of 1840 with three eons and one daughter. As his name does not appear on the 1850 census, it is believed he left Union County, Illinois. (According to 180’) census, Cabarrus County, five daughters are listed for Samuel Corzine. The 1820 census, same county, p. 151, lists two sons and three daughters.)


* * * *


Andrew(4) Samuel(3) John(2) John(1), born 1796 in Necklenburg County (later Cabarrus County ; died after 1860 in Union County, Illinois. He was married September 13, 1822 in Cabarrus County to Elizabeth Penninger, born in 1802. They pioneered to Illinois between 1838 and 1840, according to census records, and bought a large tract of land between Balcom, Illinois and the Union School near Dongola, Illinois, (Township 13-4W. Section 14) from Michael Seals — probably the Garrott farm. To them were born twelve children:


Samuel                         born                 1827

            Washington                     "                    1828

            Hester                             "                    1830 (married Davis; then Hammond - eloped)

            Sarah                              "                    1834 (married Keith, parents of Dr. and Charles)

            William                            "                    1835

            Andrew Marian               "                    1836 (my grandfather - born in North Carolina)

            Zachariah                        "                    1839

            Giles (twins)                    "                    1839

            John                                "                    1841

            Thompson                       "                    1842

            Jane                                "                    1845

            Elizabeth                          "                    1847

(Dates taken from 1850 census, Union County, Illinois)


The following is of special interest because of the spelling of the name:


1793-1797 Cabarrus Court Minutes

File CR 16001., handwritten book of 183 pages


Page  11        George Corsyn, Jr., juryman. April 1793

                  "     20        Samuel Corsine, to be juryman next court. July 16, 1793

                  "     35        George Corsyn, Jr., Juryman. January 22, 1794

                  "     52        Eli Corzine, guardian to Mary, Samuel, William and John Seals and Elizabeth Seals, orphans of Francis Seals, July 21, 1794

                  "     58        Levi Corzine, Niclae Corzine, jurymen next court. July 23, 1794

                  "     63        Niclas Corsyn and Levy Corsyn, jurymen. October 21, 1794

                  "     88        Samuel Corsyn, juryman. April 1795

                  "     100      Ordered that Eli Corsyn, guardian of William, John, Samuel Seals be allowed to sell some real estate to value of 46.12.6.

                  "     113      Samuel Corzine, ordered to be juryman next court. October 21, 1795

                  "     124      Niclae Corsyn, juryman next court. January 21, 1796

                  "     126      Levy Corzine to oversee road from James Scotts to forks of road near Martin Stoughs. April 1796

                  "     134      George Corsyni, Jr. and Abel Corsyne to be jurymen next court. April 19, 1796

                  "     144      Niclas Corsyne and Levy Corzyne to lay off roads from court house through to Fayetteville by Martin Stoughs to county line. July 20, 1796






























Andrew Marian(5). Andrew(4) Samuel(3) John(2) John(1), born in North Carolina on August 12, 1836, pioneered to Illinois with his parents by covered wagon. (He remembered a colored mammy who came with them and took care of him.)

            Note:    I remember him (my grandfather) as a kindly old man with a long gray beard, who sat on the porch in the sun when I was a very little girl. I also remember going to his funeral at Big Creek Baptist Church.

On December 24, 1857, in Jonesboro, Illinois, Andrew Marian married Mary Jane Plott, who was born April 26, 1839. They lived their entire life on part of the land which had been settled by his father. Their large log house was close to Balcom, Illinois. My sister Sada remembers our grandmother’s lovely flower garden. Mary Jane died on February 16, 1904 and Andrew on July 1, 1913.* Their children were:


Jefferson - married Laura Carlock. Their children were:

Alvin - died young

Myrtle - married John Plott; parents of Harry, Edith and Roy

Effie - married _____ Davis




James Alvin - (my father) See Page 15.


Ida - died young


Ellen - married Nathan Holahouser; second marriage to Frank Ferguson


Sanford - married Mary Carlock (born December 17, 1869, died January 1, 1960), sister of Laura Carlock. Their children were:

Harry - his one son Harry, Jr.

Velma - married Riley, no children

Glenn - died about 1945; no children

Roy - his one daughter Delorma Jane

Lester- married Thelda Cochran; have one son Harold Richard (Dick)


Belle - married CThot Gurley. Their children were:

Bertha - married Edward Holshouser and had one son Edward, now deceased. His children are:

William Lynn, born October 24, 1951

Edward Lloyd, born June 27, 1950

Patricia Ellen, born September 17, 1948

Eugenia Louise, born October 10, 1946

Ray - married Mae Church and had one daughter. Second marriage.

Gusta - married Milton Milligan; no children

Helen - married _____Foley and had one daughter Joan, who married _____ Martin. Their children are:

Nancy Jo, born April 28, 1952

Michael Reid, born December 21, 1956


* They are both buried in Big Creek Cemetery near Anna, Illinois.


David - married Meva Rushing. Their children were:

Floyd - no children

Helen - married Clarence Absher and had one son

Mary - married James H. Garsitson and had one son James H. He married Carolyn Louise Gordon on March 9, 1956 Their children are:

Brad Gordon, born February 4, 1957

Dean James, born May 16, 1959

Tara Lyn, born August 9, 1961

Davidte second wife was Florence Higgins,(a widow with two sons Aubrey and Jay). Their children were:

Arlone - died about 1960

Russell - has one son Mark Preston, born July 16, 1956



Truman (born December 1, 1877, died March 23, 1960) - married E1izabeth _______• Their children were:

Claude - no children


Ruth - died in her teens

Arthur - died young

Truman’s second wife was Jessie Eddleman. Their children were:



Truman’s third wife was Mary McCummins (a widow with two children Carl and Rose Ann). Their children were:


Emma Jean

Mary Jane


James Alvin(6). Andrew Marian(5) Andrew(4) Samuel(3) John(2) John(1) was born in Union County, Illinois (near Balcorn) February 14, 1861. On April 13, 1884 in Jonesboro, Illinois, he was married to Emma Elnora Ford, who was born November 26, 1863 near Dongola, Illinois. During their lifetime they lived on three different farms in Union County, and after retirement moved to Anna, Illinois, where they lived at 405 Morgan Street. James Alvin died December 21, 1933, and Elnora died March 9, 1946. They are buried in Anna Cemetery. To them were born ten children: Everett Eddlernan, Francis Sylvester, Fred Sanford, James Earl, Sada Ann, Elmer Lewis, Iva Jane, Elsie Elnora, Leola Grace and Vesta Ellen.


Everett Eddleman(7), etc., was born Narch 22, 1885. He lived his adult life in Granite City, Illinois, where he died May 9, 1957. He is buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens, Edwardsville, Illinois. On October 18, l905)5 he married Myrtle Wyatt. Their children are:


William Lewis(8), born Nay 17, 1937 - no children


Dorothy(8), born January 3, 1912 - married Marvin Leslie Tedder arid had one daughter:


Patsy Ruth(9), born August 9, 1930 - married John Crutcher, a minister. Their children are:


Robert Leslie(10), born July 31, 1950

Ruth Ellen(10), born May 12, 1952

Carol Lorrance(10), born November 4, 1954

Barbara Jane(10), born December 24, 1957


Francis Sylvester(7). etc., was born in Union County, Illinois, on December 14, 1886. On February 7, 1916 he married Frieda Reese, born April 18, 1892, of St. Louis, Missouri. They lived in Illinois, Missouri, Omaha, Nebraska (where he was associated with his brothers in the furniture business), and in Long Beach, California. After retirement in 1959 they returned to Anna, Illinois. Frieda died on September 30, 1961 and is buried in Anna Cemetery. They had one daughter:


Ellen Elnora(8), born Narch 25, 1917 - married Hugh Cooper of Omaha, Nebraska on December 17, 1938. They now live in Kendallville, Indiana and have three children:


Carole Jean(9), born January 11, 1945

John Francis(9), born August 27, 1947

Lynn Marie(9), born December 10, 1948


Fred Sanford(7) etc., was born October 20, 1888. Attended Anna Academy; worked at Grind Leader Store in St. Louis, Davidson Bros., Sioux City, Iowa, and Orchard & Wilhelm in Omaha, Nebraska. He and Elmer owned their own furniture store at 24th & Farnam, and later, on 16th Street in Omaha. During World War II they sold the store and Fred moved to Los Angeles, California, where he managed a Barker Bros. store until retirement in 1960. He was first married to Margaret Noble from Balcom, Illinois, who died - leaving no children. He then married Ferne Shoup of Sutherland, Nebraska in 1924. Their children are:


Fred Sanford Jr.(8), born August 10, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. Attended University of Southern California, University of Maryland (College of Dental surgery) and Central College in Fayette, Missouri Served three years in the U. S. Navy, attaining the rank of lieutenant j.g. First employed by Bullock’s of Los Angeles, then Heritage Henredon, and presently is vice president and sales manager of Vista Furniture Co. and Costa Mesa Co. He married Patricia Holmes who was born March 21, 1926. Their children are:


Pamela Lee(9), born January 28, 1948

John Sanford(9), born February 14, 1951

James(9), born July 19, 1955

Stacy Lynne(9), born January 17, 1957


Second marriage to Irene Stein Lorber (who has two daughters Karen and Patricia Alyse Lorber).


Cynthia Ann(8), born November 10, 1932 in Omaha, Nebraska. Educated at Scripps in California and Columbia University, New York City. Is a talented singer (lyric soprano) with the Roger Wagner Chorale. On June 27, 1957 she was married to Wilfred Eric Roberts of Canada, who was born in July 1933. Their children are:


Jennifer Louise(9), born April 9, 1958

Eric Andrew(9), horn January 12, 1961


James Earl(7), etc., born September 14, 1891 in Union County, Illinois. He has spent most of his life in the vicinity of Balcom, Illinois and now owns the old Corzine home place and several adjoining farms. In 1908 he married Ella Howell of Dongola, Illinois. To them were born six children:


Vivian Erlene(8), born December 21; 1909 - married Glenn Boyd of Anna, Illinois, They own a large fruit farm near Anna and now divide their time between the farm and their home in Tarpon Springs, 1”lorida. Their children are:


Barbara Sue(9), born July 17, 1935. On September 20, 1958 was married to Norman Charles i3auer (now in the Air Force) at Big Creek Baptist Church near Anna, Illinois. Their children are:


Louis James(10), born July 22, 1959

Timothy Wayne and Elizabeth Ellen(10) (twins),

born June 20, 1960

David Charles(10), born March 1, 1963


Roberta Jane(9), born March 9, 1937 - married Harry Netzer on September 14, 1957



Collin Glenn(9), born January 30, 1942 - married Alice Foreman on January 14, 1961


Kenneth Howell(8), born September 3, 1911 — married Rena Lewis, born December 11, 1909. They live in Dongola, Illinois and have two children:


Kenneth Lewis(9), born January 15, 1938 - married Patricia Karraker in May 1956. Their children are:


Vickie Kay(10), born March 29, 1957

Mark Lewis(10), born August 4, 1959


FloElla(9), born October 6, 1941


Colleen(8), born October 8, 1916. On June 30, l945, she married Orrin Garrett, born January 12, 1915. Following World War II Orrin remained in the Air Force and is now a major. No children.


Betty Louise(8), born November 21, 1918. On June 2, 1945 she married F. Dean McCrory. They have one daughter:


Sandra Dean(9), born September 25, 1952


James Leon(8), born March 19, 1921. He married Arlena Cook September 8, 194g. Arlena died in December 1960. Their children are:


Jane Ellen(9), born October 15, 1943 - married Theodore Shell

James George(9), born March 21, 1946


Second marriage to Beatrice Jeffreys (who has two daughters Mary Ann and _____) on March 23, 1962


James Earl’s second marriage to Eamma Worstman, a teacher in the Jonesboro schools. No children.


Sada Ann(7), etc., was born December 17, 1893 in Union County, Ill. She was educated at Carbondale Normal Teachers College and Brown’s Business College in St. Louis, Missouri. She worked in Washington4 D.C. during World War I, where she met and married Wyatt Burwell Angelo September 4, 1919. Angelo was born in Iowa November 5, 1875 and died in Picayune, Mississippi April 28, 1957. They lived in Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, New York City, Chicago and, after retirement, in Picayune, Mississippi. For many years he was attorney for Edward Hines Lumber Co., and in Picayune was with Southern Minerals Corp. After his death Sada moved to Hinsdale, Illinois, her former home. They had one son:


John Burwell Angelo(8), born May 4, 1922 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Attended school in Hinsdale, Illinois and was graduated from the University of Chicago Law School. He is a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. During World War II he was a lieutenant with the Army Engineer Corps and spent many months overseas in the southwest Pacific area; later he taught for sometime at Camp 3elvoir in Virginia. He is now 1963) an attorney with the law firm Milliken, Vollers & Farsons of Chicago, and his home is in Hinsdale. In Hammond, Indiana, on October 10, 3944, John was married to Shirley Mae Smith, born October 26, l921 also a graduate of the University of Chicago and a member of the WAVIS during World War II. Their children are:


Percy Lee(9), born September 11, 1945

Wyatt Burwell(9), born April 30, 1948

John Kimberly(9), born January 31, 1951

Janet Smith(9), born March 16, 1957


E1mer Lewis(7), etc., was born April 16, 1896 in Union County, Illinois and died August 31, 1953 in Omaha, Nebraska. H. was graduated from Anna High School in 1913, taught school for a few years, then joined the U.S. Navy at the beginning of World War I. He was sent to Great Lakes Training Station where he attended Officers Training School and where he remained until the end of the war. After the war he traveled for a paint company through the middle west, finally locating in Omaha, Nebraska where he went into the furniture business with his brother Fred. At the beginning of World War II he took some training in navigation at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, then taught navigation at Creighton College in Omaha. He then went back into the Navy as a lieutenant commander and was made port commander at Galveston, Texas; then was sent to Casablanca, Morncco in the same capacity, and later to the port of Manila in the Philippines. While there he became a liaison officer between the Navy and Army and flew into China on secret missions and consultations. After the end of the war he was discharged with the rank of commander, returned to Omaha, Nebraska and went into the real estate business. (He joined the Naval Reserves and received the rank of captain, according to my sister Vesta.) He died at the age of 57 years from a heart attack. While stationed at Great Lakes in 1920, he met and married Esther Wooley of Waukegan, Illinois. To them was born one son:


Donald Elmer(8), was born July 19, 1921 in Pocatello, Idaho. He attended Shorewood High School, Wisconsin, Class of 1939; received four-year scholarship to Brown University (straight A’s and football). Made Phi Beta Kappa in junior year. Honorable mention, tackle-l943 All American Football Team. President of Senior Class, also Delta Upsilon fraternity. Winner of “Class of 1913 Trophy” in 1943 for Outstanding Scholastic and Athletic Accomplishment. Received Navy Wings in June 1944. Was a lieutenant j.g. in Naval Air Corps--F6F Fighter pilot. Was shot down off Ishigaki, floated in raft 14 hours and was picked up by a submarine which was torpedoed during the three weeks he was aboard. On June 26, 1944 in Titusville, Florida he was married to Audrey Armstrong of Providence, Rhode Island, born July 1, 1921. She attended high school at Cranston, Rhode Island and was graduated from Pembroke College in Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, with an A13 degree in English. From l944 to 1953 Don was a contractor (building apartments), Corzine & Co., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1953 they moved to California and the following year built a home in Malibu. In 1954 he became a stockbroker with Nerrill, Lyneh, Pierce, Fenner & Beane in Los Angeles; in 1956 changed to Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis in Santa Monica, California, where he is at the present time (1963). Their children are:


David Calvert and Susan Jane (twins) (9), born June 4, 1945, died June 5, 1945

Kent Brayton(9), born February 20, 1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Craig Hamilton(9), born September 23, 1949 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Second marriage to May Zanton May 16, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. May died January 16, 1958. Their children are:


Richard Lewis(8), born August 30, 1927 in Omaha, Nebraska; died Nay 24, 1963 by accidental gun blast in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attended the Omaha public schools and was in the Merchant Marine Service during World War II. He was a real estate developer, first in Omaha and later in Scottsdale, where he moved in 19554 On April 1, 1950 he married Janet Pakes of Omaha, Nebraska. Their children are:


Linda Jean(9), born July 5, 1948; adopted 1952

Robert Louis(9), born December 18, 1950


May Joan(8), born Nay 1, 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska. Was married in June 1950 in New York City to Robert A. Mason of Omaha. Their children are:


Ellen Ford(9), born March 28, 1951

Amy Joan(9), born September 25, 1955

Doug1as Robert(9), born Apri1 24, 1958


John Alvin(8), born October 8, 1937 in Omaha. Attended Omaha public schools and University of Nebraska. On February 14, 1959 was married to Nyrna Louise Grunwald in St. Joseph, Missouri (St. Paul Lutheran Church). They now live in El Cerrito, California, where he is working on his PHD and his wife is teaching.


Iva Jane(7), etc., born May 21, 1B98; died November 27, 1900


Elsie Elnora(7), etc., born November 2.4, 1990 in Union County, Ill. Attended Anna-Jonesboro Community High School in Anna, Illinois. On July 23, 1921 she w as married to Louie Monroe Davis, born May 30, 1898, a teacher in Union County schools for many years, and later in Wood River, Illinois, They retired in 1962 and returned to Anna to make their home. They had one son:


Robert Louis Davis(8), born February 8, 1928. He was graduated from Anna-Jonesboro Community High School and the University of Illinois, He served in the U. S. Navy following World War II; then became a vocational agricu1ture teacher in Illinois. He is now associated with the Purina Feed Company. On June 18, 1954 he was married to Shiley Pollock of White Hall, Illinois, a music teacher, They now live in Kankakee, Illinois and have three children:


Elizabeth Ann(9), born January 15, 1956

Katharine Lynn(9), born April 13, 1957

James Micheal(9), born July 19, 1962


Leola (LoLa) Grace(7), etc., was born June 25, 1904 in Union County. Attended Balcom grade school and Anna-Jonesboro Community High School. Upon graduation, went to New York City to live with Sada, and while there attended the Ellsworth School for Secretaries in Brooklyn. Worked for Continental Casualty Company on Maiden Lane, New York City, for one year, then returned to Chicago. In Chicago worked for “Stop & Shop” on Michigan Boulevard for a time, then went to Omaha to work for Corte-Corzine Co. as bookkeeper, On May 29, 1927 was married in the First Congregational Church in Omaha by Dr. Smith to William Marcy Berckstresser, born January 20, 1891. Lived in Omaha until 1938, then moved to New Castle, Pennsylvania. The children are:


James Abbott Berkstresser(8) was born September 28, 1930 in Omaha Maternity Hospita1, Dr. Pollard, physician. Christened in First Congregational Church by Dr. Smith. Attended school first two years in Omaha, Dundee Grade School; then Arthur McGill and George Washington Junior high and Senior High in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ia 1948 then Washington & Jefferson Co11ege after which he transferred to and graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology as a civil engineer in 1952. He is a member of Phi Ganna Delta fraternity. Employed by General Electric Company.. He spent a few years in the far east (Japan and Philippines) as a technical representative with the Air Force on jet motors. In 1958 he went back to school (Carnegie Tech.) for a year, after which he worked for G. E. Japan, Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan. In 1961 he was with International G. E. in New York City, their home office. At the present time (1963) he is in Philadelphia in the Missile and Space Division of General Electric Co. He is not married.


Jerry William Berkstresser(8) was born September 7, 1934 in Emmanuel Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska. Christened in First Methodist Church by Dr. Brady. Attended New Castle (Pennsylvania) public schools, then first year college at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, on :a N.R,00T.C. scholarship. Transferred to Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania, where he graduated in June 1957 with a degree in chemistry. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Took army training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and Fort Bliss, Texas. Worked for Youngstown Sheet & Tube, then Callery Chemical Co., and Mines Safety Appliance Co. In September 19(50 he entered Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, from which he graduated June 1, 1963. He is associated with Paul & Paul, a law firm dealing in patents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On June 13, 1959, in the First Reformed Church, Pornpton Plaines, New Jersey, he was married to Carolyn Linea Munson. She was born Nay 21, 1938 in Patterson, New Jersey, daughter of Arvid H. and Alice Washburn Munson, formerly of Pompton Plains, now of Sebring, Florida. Carolyn graduated from Allegheny Co11ege in 1960. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. For the past three years she has been a fourth grade teacher in Carlisle public schools. They have now moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Vesta Ellen(7), etc., was born March 27, 1908 in Union County. She graduated from Anna-Jonesboro Community High School in 1926 and attended Northwestern University (Chicago campus). 7.Torked for short periods for The Chicago Tribune and Edward Hines Lumber Co. In 1928 she was employed by Illinois 13e11 Telephone Company and remained there until retirement in 1959, working for many years as private secretary to the general solicitor in the law department. (Married Wayne A. Davis June 20, 1931 - divorced) On October 15, 1943 was married by Dr. Preston Bradley to Cyril A. Hamilton (Dick), born July 6, 1893 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He was employed by Edward Hines Lumber Co. for 36 years. After retirement they purchased a home in Geneva, Illinois where they remained until 1963. There are no children, (Dick had two sons William C., who lives in Portland, Oregon and has five children, and Richard A., now deceased.)




















Tradition says our first ancestor in this country was Peter Coursen, a soldier, who came to New York in 1612. He was the father of Cornelius(2), who had a son Cornelius(3) who lived in Brooklyn. Cornelius(3) was born in 1645, married Martje Van Der Griff March 11, 1666, died before l693. Facts established by birth records in the Old Dutch Reformed Church of Staten Island, and by will probated in 1693.


Cornelius(3) and Martje had six children:           Cornelius(4), Jacob, Benjamin, Christian, Catherine and Cornelia. The name is now spelled Corsen; still on Staten Island and from records in the old church. Cornelus(4) was father of Cornelius(5), who died in 1755.


Next we find a marriage record dated October 25, 1672 for Garrit Cosyns and Boiitje Jacobs who had a son Cornelius, who died January 4, 1765.


There are many birth and marriage records from that locality covering the period from 1645 to 1790. The name is spelled Cosyns, Cousins, Corsyn, Cozine, Corsine, Corsen, Cosin, Couzine and Cozyn.


On the Coat of Arms the name is spelled Cosns from P.d'Utrecht, which is north of the Rhine River in southern Holland. (Reitstap Armorial General, Vol. 2, Plate CXXXV. New York Public Library) Before Holland, it is thought they may have come from Picardy, France. I have no information concerning this theory.


Next we find New Jersey records, both from 3ergen -and Somerset Counties, dating back to 1750 and 1760. Here the name is spelled many ways but for the first time we find it spelled C0RZINE.


From New Jersey we follow a group called the Conowago Colony, which settled in Adams County, Pennsylvania, on the Conewago River soon after 1760. Among these migrants was a Qornelius Corzine who was a minister, and there was also a John listed among their members. Reverend Cornelius Corzine remained with the colony for 16 years, from 1772 to 1788.


In Cecil County, Maryland, we find records which prove the Corzines were there at a very early date. There is a ntatura1ization record for John Corsins dated 1683. Also a marriage record for George Cozine and Ann Johnson, dated January 1696. A militia record from 1740 to 1748 lists the name of George Cozine.


From the Parish Register of St. Mary Ann’s Church (Episcopal), Cecil County, Maryland, we have the birth record which follows:

“August 19, 1733--”Then was born GEORGE CAZINE”

"Sept. 22, 1734---”Then was born NICHOLIS CURSINE son of John Cursine & Deborah, his wife.”

“July 12, 1756-----“Then was born JOHN CURSINE, son of John Cursine and Deborah, his wife.”

               1738----”Then was born GEORGE CURSINE, son of same.”


There are no further records in Maryland on this family, but we do have George, Nicnolis and John in the North Carolina records as early as 1758, the date of George’s marriage and 1759 when Nicholas and John Cozine appear on the tax record. In North Carolina they were closely associated with each other as shown by the fact that both John and George were wit-nesses to Nicholas’ will. I am therefore convinced they are the brothers from Maryland and the sons of John and Deborah.


From this point I will record the family as I have established it, using John and Deborah Cursine as the starting point. I will designate John as (1). As our partrticu1ar line follows John, I will record only his descendants in this summary:


FIRST: John(1) married Deborah _____. Their children were Nicholis, John(2) and George.


SECOND:       John(2), born July 12, 1735, married Mary _____. Their children were George, Samuel(3), William and seven daughters. He owned a plantation in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Eis will, dated February 4, 1776, divides his land between his living Sons George and Samuel. (vie follow Samuel.)


THIRD:            Samuel(3), His family is established by the census record of l800, which lists one male under 10, one male over 10, one male 26-45; 3 females under 10, one female 10-16 and one fema1e 26-45. The sons were Samuel Jr. and Andrew(4) as verified by a land transfer in Cabarrus County, dated October 16, 1838. (We follow Andrew.)


FOURTH:        Andrew(4), born about 1796 in North Carolina; pioneered to Illinois between 1838 and 1849. He was married September 13, 1822 to E1izabeth Penninger and they were the parents of twelve children; among them, Andrew Narian(5) whom we follow.


FIFTH:             Andrew Narian(5), born August 12, 1836 in North Carolina; pioneered to Union County, Illinois with his parents in a covered wagon. He married Mary Jane Flott December 24, 1857. They lived on land settled by his father and raised a family of eight children; my father, James Alvin(6), being one of them.


SIXTH:            James Alvin(6), born February 14, l86l in Union County, Illinois. Attended Union school; married Emma Elnora Ford April 13, 1884. Their children: Everett, Frank, Fred, James, Sada, E1mer, Iva, Msio, Leola (Lola) and Vesta.


SEVENTH:      Everett Eddleman(7), born Narch 22, 1885, was married to Myrtle Wyatt October 13, 1884. Their chi1dren: William(8) and Dorothy(8)


                                    EIGHTH:         Dorothy(8) married Marvin Leslie Tedder. They have one daughter Patsy Ruth(9).


                                                                        NINTH:           Patsy Ruth(9) married John Crutcher. Their children:


                                                                                                TENTH:           Robert Leslie(10)

                                                                                                                        Ruth Ellen(10)

                                                                                                                        Carol Lorraino(10)

                                                                                                                        Barbara Jane(l0)


                        SEVENTH:      Francis Sylvester(7), born December 14, 1886, married Frieda Reese February 7, 1916. They have one daughter Ellen Elnora.


                                    EIGHTH:         E1len Elnora(8) married Hugh Cooper. Their children:


                                                                        NINTH:           Carole Jean(9)

                                                                                                John Francis(9)

                                                                                                Lynn  Marie(9)



                        SEVENTH:      Fred Sanford(7), born October 29, 1888, married Ferne Shoup in 1924. Their children are Fred Sanford Jr.(8) and Cynthia Ann(8).


                                    EIGHTH:         Fred Sanford Jr.(8), born August 10, 1925, married Patricia Holmes. Their children are:


                                                                        NINTH:           Pamela Lee(9)

                                                                                                John Sanford(9)

                                                                                                Jeffrey James(9)

                                                                                                Stacy Lynne(9)


                                    EIGHTH:         Cynthia Ann(8), born November 10, 1932, married Wilfred Eric Roberts. Their children are:

                                                                        NINTH:           Jennifer Louise(9)

                                                                                                Eric Andrew(9)


                        SEVENTH:      Jamea Earl(7), born September 14, 1091, married E1la Howell. Their children: Vivian(8), Kenneth(8), Colleen(8), Betty Louise(8), Emma Jane(8) deceased, and James Leon(8).


                                    EIGHTH:         Vivian(8), born December 21, 1909, married Glenn Boyd. Their children are:

                                                                        NINTH:           Barbara Sue(9) married Norman Charles Bauer. Their children:


                                                                                    TENTH:           Louis James(l0)

                                                                                                            (Timothy Wayne(10)

                                                                                                Twins   (E1izabeth El1en(10)

                                                                                                            David Charles(10)


                                                                        NINTH:           Roberta Jane(9) married Harry Netzer.


                                                                        NINTH:           Collin(9) Marriel Alice Foreman.


                                    EIGHTH:         Kenneth Howell(8), born September 3, 1911, married Rena Lewis. Their chi1dren are:


                                                                        NINTH:           Kenneth Lewis(9) married Patty Karraker. Their children are:


                                                                                    TENTH:           Vickie Kay(10)

                                                                                                            Mark Lewis(10)


                                    EIGHTH:         Colieen(8), born October 8, 1916, Married Orrin Garrott June 30, 1946. No children.


                                    EIGHTH:         Betty Louis(8), born November 21, 1918, married F.   Dean McCrory. They have one daughter:


                                                                        NINTH:           Sandra Dean(9)


                                    EIGHTH:         James Leon(8), born March 19, 1921, married Ahrlena Cook, Their children are:


                                                                        NINTH:           Jane E11en(9) married Theodore Shell

                                                                                                James George (9)


SEVENTH:      Sada Ann(7), born December 17, 1893, married Wyatt Burwell Angelo. They had one son John Burwell Angelo(8)


                                    EIGHTH:         John Burwell Angelo(8), born May 4, 1922, married Shirley Mao Smith. Their children are:


                                                                        NINTH:           Percy Lee(9)

                                                                                                Wyatt Burwell(9)

                                                                                                John Kimber1y(9)

                                                                                                Janet Smith(9)


                        SEVENTH:      Elmer Lewis(7), born April 16, 1896, married Esther Wooley. They had one son Donald Elmer(8).


                                    EIGHTH:         Donald Elmer(8), born July 19, 1921, married Audrey Armstrong. Their children are:


                                                                        NINTH:           (David Calvert  Twins born 6-4-1945,

                                                                                                (Susan Jane        died 6-5-1945.

                                                                                                Kent Brayton(9)

Graig  Wammilton(9)


                        SEVENTH:      Elmer Lewis(7), second married to May Zanton Nay 16, 1925. Their children:


                                    EIGHTH:         Richard Lewis(8), born August 30, 1927, died May 24, 1963, Married Janet rakes. Their children are:


                                                                        NINTH:           Robert Louis(9)

                                                                                                Linda Jean(9)


                                    EIGHTH:         May Joan(8),    born May 1, 1939, married Robert A. Mason. Their children are:


                                                                        NINTH:           El1en Ford(9)

                                                                                                Amy Joan(9)

                                                                                                Douglas Robert(9)


                                    EIGHTH:         John Alvin(8), born October 8, 1937, married Myrna Louise Grunwald


                        SEVENTH:      Elsie Elnora(7), horn November 24, 1900, Married Louie Monroe Davis. Their one son Robert Louis Davis(8).


                                    EIGHTH:         Robert Louis Davis(8), born February 8, 1928, married Shirley Pollock. Their children:


                                                                        NINTH:           Elizabeth Ann(9)

                                                                                                Katherine Lynn(9)

                                                                                                James Michael(9)


                        SEVENTH:      Leola(Lola) Grace(7), born June 25, 19’4, Married William M. Berkstresser. Their chi1dren:


                                    EIGHTH:         James Abbott Berkstresser(8), born September 28, 1930

                                                            Jerry William(8), Born September 7, 1934, married Carolyn Linea Munson June 13, 1959.


                        SEVENTH:      Vesta Ellen(7), born March 27, 1908, married Cyril A. Eamilton October 15, 1943. No children.